A Freemasons Lodge meeting at Priory Place in Doncaster

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History of The Danecastre Lodge

Early History of The Danecastre Lodge

The first mention of Danecastre Lodge appears in the minute book of The Don Valley Lodge No.3890 (Consecrated in January 1919) dated 17th March 1926.
The Don Valley Lodge summons states
“To receive a formal petition for the formation of a New Craft Lodge of Freemason’s in Doncaster, to be called the Danecastre Lodge, and a proposal that such petition be approved and given the hearty support of the Don Valley Lodge”
The minutes of the meeting state
W.Bro.R.H. Hepworth proposed “that this Lodge recommends that a new Lodge be formed called the Danecastre Lodge” this was seconded by W.Bro.R. Hartley and supported by W.Bro. The Revd. W.Bracewell and W.Bro. C.G.Ramskir . The proposition was unanimously carried by the Brethren and the formal petition was signed by the acting Master W.Bro. The Revd.W.Bracewell, the Senior Warden Bro. J.Walker and the Junior Warden Bro.M.E.Clark.

The lodge had 23 Founders and The Consecration took place on Wednesday 3rd November 1926.
The Freemason Magazine dated the 13th November 1926 States the following
Danecastre Lodge No.4843
Consecration by Bro. Viscount Lascelles
“The first official act of Bro. Viscount Lascelles as Provincial Grand Master of West Yorkshire was the consecration, on Wednesday, 3rd inst., of the Danecastre Lodge, No.4843, at the Masonic Hall. Priory Place, Doncaster.
Bro.Richard Henry Hepworth was installed as the first Master of the Lodge by Bro .Richard Gill, P.G.D., Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Bro. C.G. Ramskir was invested as Acting I.P.M. Brothers James Arthur Ashurst and Richard Hann-Smith were invested as Wardens by Bro.Lord Lascelles, and the remaining officers were invested by the Worshipful Master as follows :- Bros.A.D.Duncan,Chaplain; E.S.Knight,Treasurer; James Walker, Secretary & Charity Representative; H.M.Marshall, Director of Ceremonies: G.W.Avison, Senior Deacon: R.Kinnear, Junior Deacon; J.H.R.Kain, Asst.Director of Ceremonies; G.R.H,Danby, Inner Guard; J.R.Middleton Walker, P.C.Woodall, and W.C.Orchard as Stewards; A.Dixon, Tyler.
Prior to the Consecration the Provincial Grand Master was the guest, along with the other Consecrating Officers, at the Danum Hotel, and he also attended the banquet held after the ceremony at the Mansion House, at which Bro.R.H.Hepworth, Worshipful Master, presided.”

The History of the Lodge is still being developed and more information will be provided as it is sourced