A Freemasons Lodge meeting at Priory Place in Doncaster

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Charity is at the heart of all Masonic activity and is and integral part of the values of Freemasonry

Charitable donations are supported by members of the Lodge directly from the Lodges own Charity funds which are available to help local charities and to provide support to local community projects. The Lodge members also provide wider charitable support through the Provincial Charity program and also the Masonic Charitable Foundation. This provides a wide range of support activities which benefits both Masonic and non Masonic Recipients. The community at large is encouaraged to apply for a grant for suppoprt where this will benefit the local or wider community, these request are always given the most careful consideration for support.

Freemasonry as a whole is one of the largest charitable donators giving £7m per annum, this is provides support for a variety of causes such as disaster relief (both nationally and internationally). These chritable donations are entirely voluntary and at the discretion of each individual member, there are no set rules for the giving of individual donationsfor the less fortunate and help those in need. All charitable donations given by either the individual Lodge, Province or United Grand Lodge are raised entirely from within the organisation.

below are 2 links to provide more detailed information on Masonic Charity and 2 links to provide examples of worthy causes supported by the Lodge

Recent help provided to local causes

Doncaster Housing for Young People


Masonic Charitable inormation

Yorkshire West Riding Masonic Charity information

Masonic Charitable Foundation information